The Broadroom is Silly Dilly's broad purpose room: an adaptive space for children's birthday parties, baby showers, our special events, other broads' workshops and events, and a "boardroom" for us broads (women unconfined in their views) who generously share their wisdom and creative passions with other dreamers. 

If you have a creative or educational business or social group and you would like to rent The Broadroom for a workshop, showroom, or meeting, for a few hours or the entire day, or you have a club that would like to meet in our Parlor, contact to schedule.

Regular rate: Weekdays: $20 per hour (Broadroom) $30 per hour (Parlor). Evenings & weekends: $35 per hour (Broadroom) $45 per hour (Parlor).  Rental fee will vary with TES services. Folding tables and racks are available for workshops and trunk shows.