Some of my personal favorite gifts are Japanese Storybook Linens. We stock Washcloths, 9" squares and Facecloths 13" squares (which can be used as petite baby burps);  Long Loveys (Handtowel) 14" x 33" (which can be used as guest face towel or as a "long burp cloth & just enough swaddle" for babies and little ones);  Towel Blankets 26" x 45" (which can be used as the softest towel ever or used as a light weight blanket). These 100% cotton linens mimic soft muslin but have beautiful Storybook artwork. I fell in love with these linens years ago in New York and they "cozify" my home, grace friends homes, and wrap up children with love. Stock varies as the import time is 3 weeks so I welcome pre-orders via email if stock is out.


This set includes one washcloth 9", one facecloth 14" and one Long Lovey (Handtowel) 14" x 33" .


Cinderella Linens Set


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