The Toniebox- The Starter Set with Creative Tonie

From family fun to independent play, the Toniebox is your child’s ultimate storytime companion. Designed just for kids, the Toniebox stimulates imagination in ways that screens cannot. It’s durable, snuggly and easy to control — even for the littlest of listeners!

All Starter Sets Include: Toniebox Creative-Tonie Instructions Charging Station

*Toniebox is soft enough to cuddle, but tough enough to handle hands-on kids.

*With seven hours of battery life and plenty of space for story storage, Toniebox is ready for adventure – wherever you go.

*Once Toniebox finishes a bedtime story, it will automatically turn itself off.

*Has headphone jack.

*Safe and secure, the tonies app allow parents to easily adjust Toniebox settings like maximum volume or access rights and privileges within seconds.


Creative-Tonies are just like the Story Tonies - hand-painted, magnetic, but with the space to fill them with 90 minutes of whatever you like. Whether it is an enchanting bedtime story or your own magical adventure - with the Tonies App you will have any content you wish for on your Toniebox in the blink of an eye. Just upload your own audio using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The Toniebox- The Starter Set with Creative Tonie

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