Frozen Tonie: RUN TIME: 24 minutes SONGS: Let It Go Do You Want to Build a Snowman? For the First Time in Forever Love is an Open Door STORY: Frozen (9:33).


Little Mermaid Tonie: RUN TIME: 27 minutes SONGS: Part of Your World Under the Sea Kiss the Girl Poor Unfortunate Souls STORY: The Little Mermaid (14:10).


Toy Story Tonie: RUN TIME: 29 minutes SONGS: You’ve Got a Friend in Me Cadence The Claw Woody’s Waltz STORY: Toy Story (17:10).


Cars Tonie: RUN TIME: 36 minutes SONGS: Real Gone Life is a Highway Find Yourself Route 66 STORY: Cars (21:10).


Despicable Me Tonie: RUN TIME: 116 minutes STORY: Despicable Me: The Junior Novel.




The Tonies: Frozen, Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Cars, Despicable Me

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