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Enchanting  Celebrations

The Enchanted Spot consists of a beautifully appointed Parlor, tailored and further decorated to the Storybook Wishes of the Celebrant and a multi-functional Broadroom where Private Celebrations and Our Events take place. 

Children's Parties: 

An "Enchanted Poem":   

A celebration of 75 memorable minutes which includes an activity & a story/game and light refreshments including The Celebration Cake.*  Enchanted Poem Party Cost: $350 for up to 8 Children. 

An "Enchanted Story":

A  celebration of 90 - 120 memorable minutes in a fully decorate parlor which includes several activities (games, crafts, stories), enchanced party food and The Celebration Cake.* 

The "Story" Party is for ages 5 and older.  Cost: $500-600 (depending on guest number, up to 18 children, and services).


*The Celebration Cakes made for our Parlor are made to delight!  Your child is the Main Character in his or her Birthday Story celebrated here in The Enchanted Spot.

We help you with a Party Favor as we incorporate the Favor into your child's Celebration.

Adult Celebrations:

Our Parlor & Broadroom are beautifully appointed & comfortably accommodate Table Seating, Conversation Seating & Open Space for an event with 30 Guests. All Adult Celebrations come with our assistance in hosting your event.


Adults have a choice of the level of TES services. The Enchanted Parlor and Broadroom can be rented with or without Tableware and additional Customized Decoration. Food & Beverage can be brought in or we can provide F & B design & execution for Adult Events. Price varies with guest number, food preferences, and rental request. Specialty Cakes & Sweets, Games & Activities are additional services offered by TES at additional cost.


Base rental of Enchanted Parlor & Broadroom for a Weekend or Evening Event is $275 for up to 4 hours. Weekday rate is $175. 

Email kate@sillydillys.com for a phone or in person appointment & provide your desired Celebration Date & Event Details. Rental of space is subject to availability and minimum hour requirement. 

  The Kindful Mouse's Social & Emotional Intelligence Primer

A 1 hour Manners and Beyond Workshop is offered to boys & girl scouts, civic, religious and educational groups & clubs. Cost $15 per child. 

    Hosting a Club, Trunk Show, Meeting or
Workshop in our Parlor or The Broadroom

If you have a creative or educational business or social group and you would like to rent The Broadroom for a workshop, showroom, or meeting, for a few hours or the entire day, or you have a club that would like to meet in our Parlor, contact kate@sillydillys.com to schedule.

Regular rate: Weekdays: $20 per hour (Broadroom) $30 per hour (Parlor). Evenings & weekends: $35 per hour (Broadroom) $45 per hour (Parlor).  Rental fee will vary with TES services. Folding tables and racks are available for workshops and trunk shows.