Vintage Peter Pan party.

Mama llama baby shower

Build it...they will come
Ready to open gifts

Woodland Baby Shower

Swan princess baby shower!

Baby Shower!

For the love of unicorns!

Time for a party!

Picnic in The Frosty Forest Birthday

Our original puppet shows!

Daisy Troop enjoys our Manners Workshop.

Our Broadroom is used for parties as an additional, multi-purpose room with a parent seating,theater and craft area.

Sweet Holiday Soirees in December

Special Event: Santa Photo Session in November with Alison Winterroth

Wonderland Party

Wonderland Birthday

Baby Shower Bliss

Beauty awaits.

Every mermaid princess wears her own unique pearl.

Mermaid snacks

Happy cake for happy kids.

Frozen birthday, a chilly wonderland.

One of several ice backdrops in our parlor.


We love creating ballet themed birthdays and dance and music recital celebrations.

A ballerina's cake.

A memorable party celebrating the growth of her fairy wings.

Our parlor decorated for fairies.

Our everyday parlor.

Another peek at our parlor within Silly Dilly's on El Prado Boulevard.

A unicorn fairy party cake.

Custom, all-inclusive celebrations for little dreamers.

A Halloween costume party is always fun.

Tea with Mary Poppins

Tea with Mary Poppins was a sold out special event with Tampa's Parties with Character at previous MacDill store location.

We have a beautiful variety of themed tableware to use in your celebration.

The Enchanted Spot Mouse Party

Petite tea party guests with mice at a birthday celebration.

Our original Enchanted Spot

awaiting guests for a Travels to France party at our original Enchanted Spot on MacDill Avenue.

The Enchanted Spot

A sweet little garden tea party.

The Enchanted Spot

A beautiful Stork that greets guests at Baby Showers and First Time Grandparents Soirees.

The Enchanted Spot

Delectables at A Work of Art birthday party.

The Enchanted Spot

A Royal Carriage for use in memorable photos at Royal Friends Soirees.

The Enchanted Spot

Party nibbles awaiting mermaids.

The Enchanted Spot

Mermaid Tea Party favors.

The Enchanted Spot

A magnificent Maleficent Birthday Celebration.

The Enchanted Spot

The Kindful Mouse is in residence in our parlor, ensuring that guests use their manners.

A Kindful Mouse

A page from his Lessons in Social Intelligence Diary.

The Enchanted Spot

Creator & Owner Kate & a class of Kindful Mouse's Magic Key Workshop graduates.

The Enchanted Spot

The Kindful Mouse's Social Intelligence Primer is offered to clubs & schools. This sweet Brownie Troop visited the original Enchanted Spot on MacDill Avenue.

The Enchanted Spot

A collection of vintage classics continue to teach valuable lessons to curious minds.

Enchanting  Celebrations

The Enchanted Spot consists of two parlors, a beautifully appointed Enchanted Parlor for tea parties, tailored and further decorated to the Storybook Wishes of the Celebrant  and a multi-functional Broadroom Parlor for stories and additional activities.

Children's Parties 

An "Enchanted Poem" 

A celebration of 60 memorable minutes in our two (decorated to your theme) parlors which includes an activity & a story/game and light refreshments including The Celebration Cake.*  Enchanted Poem Party Cost: $350 for up to 8 Children.  This Party is available on Weekdays only for ages 4 and older.

An "Enchanted Story"

A  celebration of up to 120 memorable minutes in our two (decorated to your theme) parlors which includes several activities (games, crafts, stories), enhanced party food and The Celebration Cake.* 

The "Story" Party is for birthday celebrants ages 5 and older.  Story Parties occur on Sundays. Only one Story Party is booked per week. 

Cost: $650 for up to 12 Children.*

*(Up to 15 children are allowed for birthday celebrants who are ages 6 and older). Additional charges of $20 per child guest apply).


*The Celebration Cakes made for our Parlor are designed to delight!  Your child is the Main Character in his or her Birthday Story celebrated here in The Enchanted Spot.

We help you with a Party Favor, an additional cost, as we incorporate the Favor into your child's Celebration.

Adult Celebrations

Our Enchanted Parlor & Broadroom Parlor are beautifully appointed & comfortably accommodate Table Seating, Conversation Seating & Open Space for an event with 25 Guests. All Adult Celebrations come with our assistance in hosting your event.


Adults have a choice of the level of TES services with or without Food & Beverage provided by us.

To host your celebration in The Enchanted Parlor and Broadroom Parlors, we provide a (decorated to your theme) venue,  set tables with our tableware, pre-event, event, and clean-up labor. This Venue Charge for Events for up to 4 hours is $375.  

Food & Beverage can be brought in by you. We offer F & B luncheon items at a cost of $25 per person.  Specialty Cakes & Sweets provided by us are an additional charge.

Your Adult Event is the only event occurring on the weekend, and typically our store is closed and only open for your private event. 

Email for a phone or in person appointment & provide your desired Celebration Date & Event Details. 

The Kindful Mouse's
Social & Emotional Intelligence Primer

A 75 minute Manners and Beyond Workshop is offered to boys & girl scouts, civic, religious and educational groups & clubs in our Enchanted Parlor. Instruction and refreshments provided. Cost is $15 per child. Minimum of 10 children. 

Private Manners and Beyond Workshops are offered with Tea, Sweets & Instruction. Advanced booking with a minimum of 6 children is required. Cost is $25 per child. 

Hosting a Club, Trunk Show,Meeting or
Workshop in our Parlor
or The Broadroom

If you have a creative or educational business or social group and you would like to rent The Broadroom or Enchanted Parlor for a few hours or the entire day, contact to schedule.

Regular rate: Weekdays: $20 per hour (Broadroom) $30 per hour (Parlor). Evenings & weekends: $35 per hour (Broadroom) $45 per hour (Parlor).  Rental fee will vary with TES services. Folding tables and racks are available for workshops and trunk shows.