The Joy Peddler

Silly Dilly's is a yarn. You might say, a pip: a passion in progress. 


Silly Dilly's store concierge is The Kindness Kitty. She is a dream weaver & a joy peddler who curates gifts that evoke stories & smiles. 


The Enchanted Spot consists of a Party Parlor and The Broadroom within Silly Dilly's.  Educationally, entertaining gatherings, workshops, birthday parties, baby showers, holiday events, original story events, and personal celebrations happen within these two beautifully appointed rooms. A Kindful Mouse ensures that manners are properly utilized in The Parlor.   A mature Swan presides over The Broadroom.  She has earned her crown; has inclusive rainbow wings & a weight of responsibility she carries with ease. 


The Enchanted Spot's educational program in residence is for children 6-11y. The Kindful Mouse's Lessons in Social & Emotional Intelligence is a 3 hour, workshop that provides children with magic keys to open doors to beautiful lives.   

Silly Dilly's & The Enchanted Spot exists for the love of a story. My first published children's story is The Pirates' Fixable Teeth.  More stories are in character development and are patiently waiting for publication while others are being this very moment.

I hope that your footbridge crosses mine on this adventure,



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