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Following the success of her first book, “50 Lessons for Lawyers: Earn More - Stress Less - Be Awesome,” law firm coach and author Nora Riva Bergman is returning with a new installment, “50 Lessons for Women Lawyers - From Women Lawyers.” With contributions from Bergman and 49 women lawyers from the United States and Canada, her book provides lessons for women at every stage of their careers. Contributors include women from all types of practices – including women in private and public practice, current and former national, state, and local bar association presidents, judges, law school faculty, entrepreneurs, and other published authors. Contributors were featured in a panel discussion on May 3, 2019 at the New York Bar Association. “50 Lessons for Women Lawyers - From Women Lawyers” is designed so that readers can choose to read from beginning to end or skip around to find the Lessons most relevant to them – regardless of where they are in their careers or lives. Bergman’s book is timely and centered around the idea that women, especially successful women, should lift other women up. Her book does exactly that.


Silly Dilly's designer Kate Kyres wrote lesson #29: The Pearl Necklace.

50 Lessons for Women Lawyers from Women Lawyers

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