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Nature inspired Beatrix Potter's illustrations and stories. Generations have and will continue to adore her world. Two of my favorite books: Beatrix Potter, "Drawn to Nature" celebrating her illustrations $45 and "The Story of Beatrix Potter" $20. Golden Rabbit, the premier manufacturer of enamelware have always celebrated Beatrix Potter. Choose: A Child's 3 Piece Gift Set (Plate, Covered Bowl and Cup) in Jeremy Fisher or Peter Rabbit $55 (Specify in Note), Gift Boxed divided plate in Peter Rabbit $29 or Blue Bunnies or Pink Bunnies $20. Pink Rabbit, Peter Rabbit or Jeremy Toddler Mug $10 (Specify in Note), Flatware in various colors $22: (Specify White, Pink, LIght Blue, Tiffany Blue, Peter Rabbit in Notes), Covered Bowl in Pink Bunny or Jeremy $12.50 (Specify in Note). Wonderful gifts for a new baby, toddler birthday or christening or holiday. 

A Meal with Beatrix Potter

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