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Kid fans of Megan Fless' Claris in Paris books will love these toys and book. The 40 Piece High Teas Set is made from light weight tin and includes a cake stand, tray, tea pot, 4 plate settings, silverware, tongs, and an assortment of plastic pastries. Suitable for Ages 3+. ($70). The Claris Musical Jewelry Box has 3 side drawers, to gold hangers, and a flocked lined bottom drawer. Plays French classic tune, On the Bridge of Avignon. ($90). Claris enamel necklace ($50), bracelet ($40). 

Where is Claris in New York is a collaboration with F.A.O. Schwarz. The Book is a limited edition with Claris having a fun-filled day on Fifth Avenue and the Met among other NYC places. ($23). The companion Claris toy soldier is ($40). Claris lunch set, bento box, silverware, drink bottle is ($30), Claris Pencil Case and Pencils are ($21), markers and notebook are ($21). Claris plush dolls are ($25). 

Claris in Paris: A World of Goodies

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