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Pillow Cover by Yapatkwa- Art of The Loom.

Sabine and Tom who created Art of The Loom have more than 20 years of experience in home textiles, mostly jacquard woven, an industry in which Flanders (northern pârt of Belgium) is known. Their company produces jacquard woven textiles with decorative, stylish designs.

The fabric of this pillow cover is woven on jacquard looms using cutting edge weaving technology in Belgium, which has been the cradle of tapestry weaving since the 15th century.  Size : 18”x18” - Lined with a plain beige cotton fabric - Closes with zipper -

Composition : 86% cotton – 14% mixed yarns - Dry clean only -

Pillow backing is velvet.


Regency Era Cat Jacquard Pillow Cover

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